Thursday, October 4, 2007

Are you a Mega Prim User?

If so then write to me at and contribute to this blog! We are trying to get together:

1. A complete package of useful huge prims.
2. A huge prim rezzer for builders.
3. A set of the standard dimples for use as, for example, floors.
4. A beginner's tutorial on huge prims.

The blog should also feature:

5. Sites in Second Life that show off what can be done with huge prims.
6. Huge prims and Havok4.
7. Scripting and Huge Prim physics.

1 comment:

Idai Diqui said...

Hi, I'm starting to use Mega Prims, and hope this idea is still active.

Here's a question I hope someone can answer:

I am constructing a building, using dimpled spheres for floor and ceiling, and a hollowed, pathed, and dimpled sphere for the front window. When walking around the result, I run into areas where I cannot move forward.

Is there a setting that I need to select, or is this like stretching, and simply part of dealing with mega prims?

Idai Diqui (Mul 11,212,512)