Saturday, October 6, 2007

How big is that megaprim, really?

Since you can't change the size of a megaprim to anything
you want, you have to find one with a size close enough
to what you want. There are a few tricks you can use, to
increase your options.

Although you cannot change the X, Y, or Z size of a
megaprim, you still can edit all the other parameters.
You can use "path-cut" and "dimple" to reduce the final
size of the prim. You can make a prim that is half the
thickness and/or half the width of the original megaprim,
and a wide range of heights less than the original
height. This gives you more sizes to choose from, but you
still can't have just any size you want.

Since the possible sizes
are all based on the unchangable X, Y, and Z parameters,
it's best to find megaprims with as many different X, Y,
and Z parameters as possible. While you may find
megaprims with all sorts of final sizes, they are really
based on a much smaller number of base megaprims. So
finding different base megaprims is what is important.
(Having hundreds of megaprims of different sizes in your
inventory is therefore just unnecessary clutter!)

Here is a screenshot of the edit window, showing both
the "general" tab, with the prim's name, and the
"object" tab, with its parameters. (Click to see a
larger image.) The prim's dimensions in its name are
circled in red, since they aren't as important. The X,
Y, and Z parameters of the original base prim are
circled in green, because they are what you really need
to look for, if you want to increase your possibilities.

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m2pt5 said...

It should be noted that each .01 of dimple reduces the size by 1%. For example, on the 32x32x40 megaprim, each percent is .4 meters. To dimple it down to 20m, you would adjust the total dimple to 50%, or 0.25 - 0.75. (Most of the precut megaprims are dimpled around the center; you could just as easily dimple it all to one side and have 0.5 - 1.0 or 0.0 - 0.5 instead. Doing this may make alignment easier, as a megaprim is placed as though it were its full size when you rez it.)

Also, the hollow attribute works in appearance on megaprims, but does not actually make them hollow; the central area is still solid in practice. The same appears to go for path cut (on a torus.)

Rumor has it that the Lindens may lift the arbitrary limitations on prim size if a way to prevent prims from overlapping other peoples' land can be devised (or a way for people to return prims that overlap their land without actually being on it.) A prim is considered to be on the land where its center is; therefore megaprims can overlap quite far. Limitations on the size of prims in attachments may also have to be created if this happens, but this could prove troublesome for oversized avatars.