Friday, October 12, 2007

Save Huge Prims!

Linden Labs might axe huge prims.

How would you like to wake up one day and have half your build gone with only little decorative prims floating in space? The griefers and the greedy land barons would love to force everyone to buy prims just for floors and walls. It would be a disaster, prims being spent on floor can't be spent on making things more beautiful. Art would be a night mare. Video walls would become lag monsters.

We've got to act now. This is important. They've started a forum thread, and we need to be there on it.

Write for Primical! Here is a free chance to post pictures about your work! Email me at to get started! If you have a blog and use huge prims, link to primical, and send me a link so that we can link back!

Send me your links to your flikr or blog posts on your huge prim builds! The more people know that huge prims are part of the best things in sl, the less they will be moved by lies and a few griefers to ban them. It would be like shooting your foot to scratch an itch.

There is a huge prim discussion group event at Yedo this Sunday, 10AM SLT. Come and share your ideas about what it takes to save huge prims! Do you know others? Send the link to us here and we will publicize them too!

This is important!

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ElendrealH said...

Hello! My name is Elendreal Halasy.

I have a few ideas i want to run by with those of you who support huge prims, and anything else in Second Life which is helping its economy and preventing it from suffering anymore than it already is.

With the banning of gambling in Second Life it put alot of people out of business, making lots of land go up for sale at the same time desperately hurting sim owners and Linden Labs(LL) themselves.

Here are some ideas that i thought might help with the Crysis of the Lindex.

1. Organize a group or government arranged like a parliamentary system to set up events and groups to post the concerns of those interest groups on the LL forums. Putting pressure on LL to do what we ask.
A. Have users of these groups also browse the forums for pressing issues, such as the banning of mega prims which i find to be most absurd if you havent read my post there already.
B. A goverment would promote more organization amongst members supporting these actions towards a healthier economy.

2. We as a community could start several support groups each representing a different cause nearly spamming the LL forums with complaints and concerns